Swiss Watches For Sale

I personally own two Swiss-made watches, which I no longer want to keep anymore and would like to sell them. Money received from this sale is for my own use especially my healthcare expenses. Would you like to bless me? Give me the funds and I will give you the watches!

Watch no. 1: Corum Admirals Cup Champion 40
Price: RM17,500
Note: I received this watch together with Her World magazine’s Young Women Achiever of the Year 2008 Award. It is an automatic watch that does not need batteries.


Watch no. 2: Flamingo by Bernard H. Mayer
Price: RM2,500


To order these watches, please email me at yvonnefmn(at)gmail(dot)com

Drained Thyroid Cyst

On Monday (28th November 2016), I had fluid drained from my thyroid at Sunway Medical Centre by endocrinologist, Dr. Wong Ming and her colleagues. The whole procedure costed me RM 1,558 in total. I had a similar thyroid cyst drained in 2012 at the US National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. It came back in 4 years, which did not surprise the doctor.

She chatted with my mother lightly and said that I was very brave. I will be seeing her again for follow ups in February so that she may monitor my thyroid for the long term.

For My Own Treatments Too

I have been transferring my own medical records from my previous treatment centers to Keck School of Medicine gradually the past few months so that Dr Friedman and his colleagues can start managing health condition for the long term.

My last brain surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma at NIH made me feel strongly that I should go back to previous surgeons who are experts in NF treatment and would be able to take better care of me.

The post operative care I received at NIH after the recent acoustic neuroma surgery was regrettable and costly to me. In the long term 6 years ago, I decided to join the NF2 study at NIH for the medical benefit but the last post operative care made me realize that, I should take care of myself for the sake of my foundation project and I should not let my own health be compromised or sacrificed in any way.Because I felt that I needed to relief myself from the need to fund my own treatments in order to build a foundation to help other patients.

I decided to get my own treatments at Keck as well, or thought of partnering with them as a foundation, because they were also the doctors who know my medical history best. Plus, achieving 2 objectives at the same place would be most ideal.

This is going to be a leap of faith for me because it means that I need to pay my own treatments again. But it is a necessary leap because I have an important mission in life and to fulfill my mission I have to maintain my own quality of life. I have just written my 2nd book which I hope will earn me the means to pay for my treatments at Keck because the foundation will only subsidize treatment cost for everyone partially including myself. It would not be empowering otherwise.

So, work by faith, I shall and not by sight. Literally.

Incredible Hulks

Since last Thursday, my home has been undergoing minor renovations. Two of our bedrooms needed to be tiled. This was a post WW2 house in PJ Old Town. My mother moved in when she was 7 years old. These rooms used to be carpeted sometime after she moved in. The carpets were taken out recently because it was too troublesome to clean. One of her sisters decided to put tiles recently and volunteered to pay for them. We have a regular air cond service man whom my mother asked to recommend a workman to lay the tiles for us. He and his staff turned out to be good hearted people who willingly moved out large furniture from my bedroom and carefully so, without first removing the things inside. Except for my bookshelf – they had to remove the books then carefully move the bookcase with its fragile glass doors out to the hallway. I was amazed by how strong these average sized Asian men were. My wardrobe was very big with a lot of heavy things inside makes me reconsider whether I want a white collar or blue collar man in my life.

Used Laptops

Recently, a family member bought me a new laptop so I asked my friend, Elliot, to clean up the old one plus another old one I had, to be given away. After some deliberation, I remembered the African members of our church and decided to give them to help their situation.

I learned from Elliot 2 years ago about the Africans’ story as he personally helped them all these while. So called agents for Malaysia visited African countries and promised the students there that they could work in Malaysia under student visa. Many parts of Africa are impoverished. Their families sold everything to send their children here to study, intending to work at the same time to pay the rest of their tuition fees, their living costs and be able to send some money home. They were shocked later after arriving in Malaysia, to discover that they could not work on student visa.Having no money, they resorted to petty theft. Some of my church members reached out to them and learned about their predicament.

I told Elliot to give the laptops to them, not expecting anything in return but Elliot, being a nurturing leader, encouraged them to donate, so they collectively pulled RM400 for me.

Elliot came back and told me that they bought laptops. I was surprised so Elliot revealed further that he encouraged them to donate.

That made me smile. I always felt there was a fine line between business and charity.

Either way, the transaction was made out of love.