Young Male Doctors

Yesterday my escort PA and I spent a whole day at Assunta Hospital to get an MRI of my right arm done. It took 2 technicians and a few nurses who constantly moved back and forth between the computer stations and the MRI machine over 4 hours to complete the test. This wasn’t an examination that they routinely do so that explains the first.

In fact on Wednesday, when we went to see a general practitioner in the same hospital to get an MRI order. The young doctor mistakenly said that the could not write MRI report for the arm. All MRIs need to be reported. He also called up on my specialist in that hospital asking whether they could write the report for me but they told him that they didn’t have the training to do it. He said I could try to convince the radiologist myself however.

On the MRI appointment day, the radiologist take it with no question and no qualms.

My escort and I were two young women, it is amusing to experience how men become beguiled by pretty young women. It is good to be young.

Luckily no serious interruptions happened.

My Mother had Knee Replacement Surgery

My mother had surgery to replace missing cartilage in both of her knees on 13th May 2017 at the nearby Assunta Hospital. Her youngest sister take for her surgery and stayed with us to take care of my mom for 3 weeks since my vision is not impaired. The surgery was successful but very painful for mom. She lost a lot of blood and was given one bag of donated blood in hospital. She was discharged 5 days after surgery to rest at home. She went back to hospital for physiotherapy and to let her doctor monitor her knees once every few days. Relatives from Melaka visited and stayed with us for one night to see mom. Mom is using one of old rollators to walk around slowly at home. She can drive her automatic car but her legs are still not strong enough to walk around outside of home. Considering my mother’s advanced age and pro-health I have hired an escort PA to assist me and a dispatch PA to run errands for us so that my mom will not be drained. Not all bad things that seems bad at first are actually bad, my mother’s old age encouraged me to make the decision to hire helpers. I used to be frugal and try to do everything my self. My Hakka mother’s nature is the same.

Be Brave

I want to emphasize on this Number 1 survival skill for Neurofibromatosis patients. I will say it quick and straight to point so it hits home.

The first thing to do is find a surgeon who can remove a specific tumor safely.

Remove the tumor surgically once and for all safely.

Neurosurgical skills today is already very advanced, can do almost anything. Just need to find the right surgeon. Radiation is a second best option in most situations.

Do not fear pain, be brave, because the fear of pain will not help you to survive. This is my survival skill I learned from my own life experience as an NF2 patient.

Psychiatric and Psychological Services for Children and Adolescents in the Klang Valley of Malaysia

People who live around the Klang Valley of Peninsula Malaysia often come to me, asking me for information on where to seek psychiatric/psychological services for children and adolescents. Here is a list of options I just obtained from my friend, Dr. Susan Tan Mooi Koon.

-Selayang Hospital
-Hospital Kuala Lumpur
-Mind Faculty

Please refer to their respective websites for contact info and schedule your appointments yourself. Good luck!

Portraits of Myself

It must have been my early life experience as a ballerina and Aunt Ivy’s buying off pretty dresses for me as a child. I like to have my portrait taken for some reasons and those must have been the reasons. I have a deformed left eye but I do not mind it. I have a crooked smile but I am not shy about it either. I once asked my first PA to help me take pictures of myself using my phone’s camera. She too remarked that I appeared very natural in photos without any deliberation.

Somehow, I have also been blessed with people who like to take my portraits. There was Cheryl Leong and her digi cam from my secondary school, now there is Yee Fan, a volunteer photographer who does not charge me for my vanity.

I like seeing myself in portraits no matter how imperfect. I guess that means I like my life the way it is.