Valentines 2015 poem for him

In the beginning
There was a woman
Who craddle and nuzzle
Her bundle of joy
From infancy to childhood

Those tender years
A depth for loving
For caring
And for protecting
The one beloved

But heartbreaks through life
Sometimes cast shadows
And dim the memory
Of one’s true capacity
For love

Yet, the forlorn heart
Although in seeming apathy
Is strong inherently
In spite of tribulations
still retains its core

It only takes
The right woman
To awaken
That tender boy
to a loving man.
To his originality
Once more

Yvonne Foong
13th February 2015

Galaxy Music 20th Anniversary – Seeing Lee Hom once more

The stage and field in Stadium Merdeka
The stage and field in Stadium Merdeka

Yesterday, I was given another opportunity to attend a concert at which Lee Hom performed in Kuala Lumpur. The two-and-a-half hour long concert was held to celebrate Galaxy Music’s 20th anniversary. It featured several local artistes and a guest singer from China, with Lee Hom being the main star of the night. It was apparent, though, the reason why everyone came, was more to see Lee Hom.

A selfie of Yvonne and Fion in raincoats
A selfie of Yvonne and Fion in raincoats

I made my way to Stadium Merdeka by Uber and met my friend, Fion, outside. Fion is also a big fan of Wang Lee Hom, and she very kindly took care of me throughout the night single-handedly. We sat at the free seating area – which gave us the flexibility of where we wanted to sit and allowed us the freedom to move about. We adorned ourselves with raincoats while the sky drizzled, waving light-sabers and bracelets to the songs. I even brought along my monocular to see Lee Hom from afar. As the adult that I am now, the experience of being a teenage fan-girl once more was simply exciting.

Lee Hom had an almost natural look last night, without the heavy makeup he had at last year’s Music Man 2 Round 2. I like him simple and comfortable – I believe many do as well. After all, they nicknamed him, “Homeboy” years ago – the homely boy that everyone identifies with.

Stadium Merdeka is an open air sports stadium, unlike the Arena of Stars in Genting Highlands. Sound waves disperse widely and dissolve into the sky at an open-air stadium, unlike a closed-door auditorium where sound waves are contained within the room and bounced off walls to produce strong vibrations. Hence, I experienced less physical and energetic perceptions of the music last night. I appreciated the concert almost entirely through my eyes.

Despite not being able to hear or feel the music much, I could still enjoy the night with visual input. Lee Hom’s performance stands apart from a lot of other music performers, because he is alive with the songs he sing and play. I can see that he is very much into the moment when he is at it. Seeing him with the music awakens the music in me too. When I could hear, sing and play music myself, I was more concerned about sounding right or nice – self-conscious – unlike Lee Hom.

Last night, Lee Hom mostly, or entirely, sang the songs that I have heard before, prior to losing my hearing in 2005. Although I cannot hear them anymore, I remember them clearly. Lee Hom choosing to sing the songs that I have heard touched me deeply, like the meeting of two hearts.

Like the remembrance of a time when we were young.

I didn’t get to meet him, or rather, he didn’t get to see me, this time. But I asked someone to pass a copy of my book and a painting to Lee Hom.

Yvonnewith a peace handsign and a raincoat
Yvonnewith a peace handsign and a raincoat

Lee Hom, Yvonne wishes you well.

P/S: Yvonne will be flying to the NIH in Maryland for health monitoring and treatment on Monday. Thank you for mentioning my foundation pledge collection last year. I have since changed the strategy of how I would raise the RM1.0mil foundation capital – I’ve set up a company to produce works and generate the funds in cash, which I trust would be more effective than asking people to make pledges to a proposed foundation.

Goodbye to a great, encouraging supporter

Yvonne and Mdm. Ooi Mee Har in SRKc Chi Hwa
Yvonne and Mdm. Ooi Mee Har in SRK(c) Chi Hwa holding the former’s biography

A passionate supporter of mine passed away and returned Home yesterday. She was the hardworking headmistress of SRK(c) Chi Hwa who organised my speaking tour in the state of Sandakan during October 2013. In addition to making the neccessary arrangements, she was personally present during my talk in almost every school I spoke in.

Madam Ooi developed cancer and started fighting it about two or three months afterwards, until yesterday. We last communicated through Facebook within the past month, when she told me that she missed the time we spent together touring schools. I told Madam Ooi that we could do it again. She replied me with one word, “hopefully”.

I am deeply saddened by the loss of an extraordinary school principal, teacher and beacon to hundreds of individuals, particularly the young children who were in her care. Although, I am grieved by her departure, I feel thankful for the chance to meet and work with such a special woman towards the end of her remarkable life. I will never forget her love, kindness and believe in me. Thank you Madam Ooi Mee Har. My best thoughts and wishes shall follow your soul to its final resting place. May you be well and happy, always.

Even though she is no longer with us, Madam Ooi Mee Har shall remain an encouraging reminder for me to give my best each time I speak before crowds, irrespective of the group demography. I may never know what the audience is going through or will be going through in their personal lives. Thank you for what your life has shown to me.

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Tour de Sandakan which Madam Ooi organized.

P/S: I am now giving motivational talks and seminars to raise funds for establishing a humanitarian foundation, which will provide aid to other people with my condition called Neurofibromatosis. To help me reach my RM1.0million fundraising target, you may invite me to speak at your organizations and events. Visit Works of Gratitude to know more about my project.


September 2014 surgery – removing tumors from my thigh

MRI of right thigh tumors
Nerve sheath tumors in the right thigh proximal to the adductor mnuscle.

This September, I will be visiting the U.S. National Institutes of Health in Bethesda as my last protocol visit for the 08-N-0044 clinical research study for Neurofibromatosis Type 2. I am taking the opportunity to have a large tumor removed from my right thigh in the same week.

According to one of my neurosurgeons, this is a nerve sheath tumor that arises from the muscle branch of the sciastic nerve. It measures 5 X 3.8cm and is centered in the adductor muscle.

There is also another, smaller one that measures 1.4cm which is proximal in the adductor muscle itself.

These tumors have not grown. But they are causing mass effect at their existing sizes, meaning that they hurt the adjacent muscle by their sizes, and not because they are damaging surrounding tissues. It is also uncomfortable to sit with my feet on the floor because this position puts pressure on the tumors. For at least half a year, I have been walking slower to compensate, and I became more careful in taking my steps because when a step is miscalculated, my right leg with these tumors cannot stop myself from falling.

So now you know why, although I look healthier with better nutritional support, I also seem weak when I walk!

This surgery will be my second surgery this year. In February 2014, I had a more critical surgery to remove a tumor from my cervical spinal cord at the level of C2-C3. It was causing severe cord compression which also affected my ability to control both of my legs. At that time, my thigh tumors were already affecting my right leg too, but we needed to prioritize the spinal cord tumor as it was very large and compressing the cord severely. We left the thigh tumors to be dealt with at another time.

September will be seven months since that surgery.

These thigh tumors need to come out now because they are causing me pain, to the point of waking me up after just four hours of sleep at night.

From this post, you can observe how Neurofibromatosis is managed through life. NF causes A LOT of tumors to grow throughout the nervous system. I still have plenty of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerve tumors in me. The good thing is that these tumors are benign and slow growing. We should only remove tumors when they are causing discomfort (such as pain) or affecting our bodily functions. If tumors are not symptomatic, we normally do not take the surgical risk of removing them.

Now, we also have BIO30 & BIO100 bee propolis that are capable of suppressing the mutated NF gene, thus preventing tumors from growing. When the gene is suppressed and tumors do not grow, it makes managing existing tumors easier. Take this case of mine for example. I had 5 neurosurgeries between 2011 and 2014. During this period of time, my tumors did not grow. I had to remove some of them because they were symptomatic at their existing sizes. Just imagine if some of my tumors were also growing at the same time. We would have been frantic!

Another thing we can observe from this case of mine is how my neurosurgeons are able to identify and understand the tumors just by looking at radiology scans. Not all neurosurgeons in the world are capable of this. Those without substantial experience with NF specifically will make poor judgments – I met them before which is why I have adamantly remained in the care of my chosen surgeons.


BIO30 and BIO100 propolis can suppress the NF gene if taken according to our individual biological need along with good nutrition

Graphic of a cell with the NF gene in the nucleus

As a person with Neurofibromatosis, I started taking Manuka Health’s BIO30 bee propolis in 2007 to suppress the NF gene and my tumors from growing further. But since I could not see the gene with my naked eye, I had no way of knowing whether BIO30 was working, so I was not very diligent in taking it that year according to Dr. Hiroshi Maruta’s recommended dosage. My tumors continued to grow. A few of them needed surgical removal because of their increase in size which caused potentially damaging symptoms.

Dr. Maruta is a biomedical scientist and his recommended dosage is calculated based on a person’s body weight.

When my condition became critical and needed several surgical interventions in 2008-2009, I started taking BIO30 diligently again according to Dr. Maruta’s recommendation, because I wanted to preserve my life. Perhaps it is this strong faith of mine to continue living, God provided better means to sustain my life – through my good friend who is dearer than a biological sister to me.

With her help, I learned something about BIO30 and BIO100 that scientists have yet to discover.

This good friend of mine whom I have known since 2005, named Cordelia, gained an extra-ordinary ability called intuitive energy reading in the year of 2010. She started to check how much dosage of BIO30 bee propolis I needed to take in order to completely suppress my NF gene. From her explanation, I started to understand that our body undergoes biological changes from time to time, and everybody’s biological need is different. She is able to read our biological status intuitively and get information by reading our energy.

Based on my biological status at that time, Cordelia recommended 4.5ml of BIO30, divided into three times a day. This was a higher dosage than what Dr. Maruta’s method of estamation would have been.

By taking Cordelia’s recommended dosage, my tumors became mostly stable in size and did not grow further.

In 2013, Manuka Health released BIO100 – a highly concentrated version of BIO30 in capsule form, and I started taking BIO100 instead, with Cordelia’s recommended dosage. Based on my biological need in early 2013, I needed 3 capsules a time, twice a day. I followed this regimen diligently everyday and my tumors remained stable.

In October 2013, I felt that my body was generally under-nourished and needed to be stronger, so I went to my secondary schoolmate named Yuin Yin who is now a medical doctor. She’s a strong believer in Herbalife because she is a cancer survivor whose life has been improved by taking Herbalife shakes. I trusted her opinion because I know her character well. She’s not a money-minded person, so I believed in her objectivity.

Hence, in October 2013, I started drinking Herbalife nutritious shakes which have all essential vitamins and minerals, two to three times a day. My original goal was just to strengthen my body with good nutrition.

But something more happened.

Half a year later, I asked Cordelia to check whether my current BIO100 dosage was sufficient in suppressing my NF gene, since our biological need changes from time to time.

Cordelia checked as I requested. What she told me next surprised me. She said I now need to take 1 capsule a time, twice a day. This meant only 2 capsules a day. I was taking 6 capsules a day before that.

The explanation for this reduction is because my body’s cells have become healthier. When the cell is healthy, we do not need big doses of BIO30/BIO100 to suppress the NF gene which is in the cell nucleus. A small dose would be capable of suppressing the gene when the cell is healthy.

If the cell is under-nourished and lacking in essential nutrients, the whole cell will be stressed because it would not have sufficient nutrients to do what it has to do – to function. The NF gene is in the center of the cell and would become aggressive as a result.

In conclusion, besides taking BIO30 or BIO100 New Zealand propolis, our cells need to be well nourished with a lot of essential nutrients and minerals to keep the NF gene under control.

By taking BIO30 or BIO100 according to our individual biological need and keeping ourselves well-nourished, our mutated NF gene can be completely suppressed and not cause new tumors to form or existing tumors to grow further. After I started taking BIO30 and then BIO100 diligently according to Cordelia’s recommendation, my tumors did not grow.

I still had surgery to remove some of my tumors, but it was only because the existing tumors were uncomfortable or disruptive at their existing sizes. It wasn’t because they grew.

If we do not take BIO30 or BIO100, and if we do not keep ourselves well-nourished, NF tumors can grow at rates faster than we can manage them.

I had friends with NF who did not take my suggestion seriously, because prior to this, I was not as confident to assert what I know about BIO30/BIO100 along with my understanding of Energy. I told them, but I did not remind them. My friends have now passed away because their tumors kept growing while I continue to live. Their departures made me want to be more proactive in educating NF patients about BIO30/BIO100, because I believe I owe this duty to humanity.

Yvonne standing tall with the KL Tower behind
Yvonne, who has been through 15 critical neurosurgeries, standing tall on a helipad with the KL Tower behind.