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My surgery on my lumbar spinal cord and my brachial plexus were very successful. However my body condition is very weak after these two surgeries and I wouldn't be able to take on more surgery at the moment. I will be flying back at the end of Jan 2018 to rest and recover. My surgeon and I had agreed to postpone my cervical spine and forearm surgery to Fall 2018. Hence my fundraising project is still goin on.

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About The Surgery 关于手术

Two unexpected surgeries were performed due to the urgency compared to the arm surgery planned in 2017. 4CM large tumour in lumbar spine has caused walking problem, hence this surgery was performed first.

Lumbar Spine
Surgery on 7th December 2017
Large tumour on brachial plexus
Surgery on 9th Jan 2018
Total Cost of Surgery 手术费用
Large tumour in Forearm
Tumour in Cervical Spine


St Vincent Medical Center, Los Angeles

By Who

Dr Gregory P Lekovic, Neurosurgeon
脑神经外科医师 Gregory P Lekovic


Aug-Sept 2018


31st July 2018


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Name: Foong Ming Niang
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If you have any questions, you may email me at yvonnefmn@gmail.com and my project manager will respond for me when she is here. (I am deafblind, all written messages are done by my team members)
若您有任何疑问请电邮yvonnefmn@gmail.com,我的助理会替我回复 (我是一位聋盲人士,所有书信来往都是由我的团队协助回复的)

About Yvonne Foong 关于 Yvonne Foong

Heart4Hope profile picture bvy Yee Fan in 2010
My name is Yvonne Foong, I was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis type 2 when I was 16 years old with hearing and vision damaged. It causes tumors to grow anywhere in my brain, along the spinal cords and pheriphoral nerves. So far I have had 20 different surgeries to safely remove the tumors whenever needed to preserve my life. I wrote a book about myself called “I’m not sick, just abit unwell” and soon my second book will be published too. Please follow my news in this blog or you may follow me via my FB.

我的名字叫Yvonne Foong, 我在16岁的时候罹患了神经纤维瘤病2型。我有听觉和视觉的障碍。 次病导致我的一生当中会有许多肿瘤不断的在我的脑子,脊椎以及神经系统增长而且无法治愈。 为了能够延续生命,我已经动过多大20次的手术并且安全的移除肿瘤。 我曾出版一本自传名叫“我没有生病,只是有点儿不舒服” 而且我的第二本书也即将印刷。若您有兴趣知道我的近况您可以时常到我的博客和Facebook.

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