Don’t doubt about being kind.

For the past few months, I have been seeing people with donation boxes everywhere. They give you a bookmark and ask for your donation in return. Yes they’re genuine and its the National Kidney Foundation. I donated once at the entrance of Subang Parade, to this indian lady whom everyone avoided thinking that she’s trying to sell something, because the words on the box were so tiny and she was holding something else other than bookmarks.

Today, I finally get my first glimpse of this case from Cheryl. A month ago, Cheryl was approached by some people offering her a job in an Events Management company. They did not disclose any information about salary and beated around the bush during the interview. Later, Cheryl found out that the salary is based on commission calculated by the amount of donors that one manages to convince. NKF was alledged to have hired an events management company to help them collect donations and the company in turn recruits people to go around asking for donation. And how does it work? If one signs-up, donation is automatically made directly via credit card over the course of one year. Payment by cheque is also possible but must be paid for one year in advance. The recruits are asked to go around from door to door seeking for donors, 7-days a week, according to Cheryl.

It is a pity that a charitable organsations have to resort to such ways to get donation. Out of the money collected, part of it is used to pay the recruits and RM25 from each sign-up goes to the event management company. This is legal and they have a right to use 10% of their collected money for promotion. But I feel bad that they have to work so hard just to earn money for the sake of charity.

I can understand that kidney dialysis is VERY expensive and I believe they either offer treatments to the needy for free or the cost is heavily subsidised. The only possible reason why the NKF needs to use this method is because they aren’t gaining enough money to fund their charity projects. And asking for donation nowadays is not easy. Remember about the lady I saw outside Subang Parade? She must have stood there the whole day only to be ignored as nonsense.

Can someone tell me why is this happening in our country? The House Ear Institute is such a big organisation that they hire their own scientists and conduct many researches. But the HEI is only a non-profit, non-governmental organisation relying solely on public donations. They hired many staffs, their building is well maintained and everything is very professional. I would guess that the HEI needs more money than the NKF to function.

Maybe, just maybe, Malaysians are not giving enough. We’d invest our money in materials and nice food but some of us can be so jaded in our positions that we fail to see those who are in need of help.

So to those of you reading this, PLEASE donate to the National Kidney Foundation. You are donating money to ill people, not the organisation.


  1. Malaysian = KEDUKUT

    seriously…its so hard to even take out RM2 from Sunway University Students!! *freaks*!!!

  2. ahh not 7 days a week..
    6 days… but if there are booths to be open during the weekend then.. sat and sun i need to work also

    else its 6 days a week

  3. i just want to say i found you you when i was doing a search on nf to see what showed up. I was told someone found me thru a nf search. I have NF1.

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