Blogathon 2005- Good Start

It has only been a few days since I announced my participation in this year’s Blogathon and I already have a few people who agreed to sponsor me. The kind souls are…

1. Cheryl Leong Pei-Li blog
2. Liew Cheon Fong blog
3. Peter Tan blog
4. Rajan Rishyakaran blog
5. Rhonda Wolf
6. Lilian Chan blog
7. Goh Xin Yuen

Eventhough the list is still short but I believe that it will continue to grow, because there is kindness in everyone’s heart. I hope that more people will participate in this effort to raise money for charity.

I would also like to note that Ms. Cheryl Leong spares a meal to donate despite her tight budget. Thank you Cheryl.


  1. Count me in! I am not sure what is expected from me. $$ no problem. Going to Eden Handicap Centre right? Do I need to pledge the amount or something?

    BTW, I am from Penang, same church as Peter Tan (in case you wonder if I can be trusted).

    Email me with details so that I can help to drum this up with my group? (I have a big gang of mothers.)

  2. Hello.I got here from Lilian’s blog.Since I’m unable to participate in the blogathon (coz i’m on dial up),i would be more than happy to sponsor you.

    Please email me the amount and also the details (how to give you the money etc).

  3. Hey Yvonne, Patrick here :)

    Will sponsor you, if you do not mind waiting until August when I get back. Let me know if its all right or not, would you?

  4. I’m not sure myself when during August that I would be back. But hor, you can bully the money from Elena if I’m late… :P

    elberal at email dot com

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