Writer’s Network- Chrispian H. Burks

While indulging in my daily readings of Problogger.net, I came upon this particular post made by one of Darren’s guestblogger. Chrispian wrote some productivity tips and hints about how he personally juggle between his job, blogging and still able to spare time for his wife, Aeryn who suffers from cancer. A little insight to this guy, Chrispian is a 30 year old Alabamian writer and professional web developer. More of his profile can be found here.

Chrispian’s biggest writing project has to be lit.org with a tagline that speaks for itself, “read, write, respond. A community for writers”. Lit.org has nearly 1,000 registered authors and over 3,000 works published online. Thousands of lines of code, over 10 re-designs in six years, 30,000 page views a month, nods in Time Magazine, The Huntsville Times, Inscriptions Magazine and more.

There are also several other links that he calls as my precious. I’m still wondering if he owns them or not. Part of the list is Writers Unbound, Writing Portal, and Literature Vault.

It seems that Crispian’s own personal portal is good enough to stand alone as a writer community. A great resource to jumpstart your writing quest.