Carnival of Compassion

Today is MY turn to host the carnival of compassion, and this is a post for it, containing links to health related articles and blogs, written by patients and caregivers of all kind of illnesses. The purpose of this carnival is to increase awareness of patient related blogs out in the blogosphere!

To read more about the Carnival of Compassion, head here:

The first blog that I’m featuring is one by a girl named Tracy (moogle) from Vancouver and Washington, United States. Tracy suffers from Severe and disabling migraines. Her blog is where she shares about life lessons that she has learnt in the course of suffering from this painful illness. Tracy had always wanted to be a writer, and her desire is actualized.

Her latest post: Thankful for suffering?

An anonymous commenter on my last post got me thinking about whether or not we are supposed to be thankful for our suffering. After thinking for a while, I would say that we are not supposed to be thankful for suffering.

Go ahead, just hope over to Moogle’s Thoughts and give this young lady some encouragement.

Another blog worth mentioning is Jenny’s Belly. The author is a lady diagnosed with stomach cancer just recently. In less than 3 months after her diagnosis, Jenny managed to pull herself up and blog away with a carefree attitude. Follow her as chemo starts on October 3.

Then, there is the NF2 Odyssey, by Rebecca, a fellow blogger who drops by at my website occasionally. If you’re bored with reading Yvonne Foong’s sad stories, perhaps you would like a change. In this post, Rebecca writes about the torment of waiting for our MRI results. Dittto, Rebecca!

Now, what is a writer, without bothering about people in his own profession? Chrispian is a write and web developer, who is also a caregiver to his wife, Aeryn who battles with Cervical Cancer. It’s always nice to read up on happy events encountered by people who are fighting to live.

There’s currently HOT news in the Malaysian blogosphere as Peter Tan launched a fundraiser, Hair For Hospice, to raise funds for the Penang-Hospice-At-Home-Programme. Head over to that post to find out what it’s all about.

Last Thursday was the wedding anniversary of Lori and Cary Miller, my two wonderful friends across the sea. In this post, Lori, a cancer fighter, expressed gratitude for her marriage that perfectly fits for the phrase, “In sickness and In Health”. You’re sure lucky to have been given that promise!

As for her husband, a true-blue caregiver who, not only takes care of his wife, but also dedicates his extra time to inform the public about cancer research developments. Few weeks ago, Lori underwent her regular CT scan but ended up playing the waiting game as usual. Get a grip of the CT scan madness in this post.

Okay, enough of cancer for one day. Let’s move on to something else. Has anyone heard of the Canavan disease? The genetics and public health blog has a post regarding a form of gene therapy for this illness. Instead of viral vector, this new study is about direct gene transfer to the brain. *gasp*!

Medical research is a continuous activity and new findings come about all the time. No doubt that the Genetics and Public health blog is filled with such articles. Here’s a post about a new version of genetic testing for Cystic Fibrosis.

Lastly, I would like to draw attention to Keisha’s new weblog, namely, Keisha’s Drive In. Keisha is a dear friend of mine who also suffers from Neurofibromatosis Type 2. Being the only other Malaysian I know to have NF2, we give a lot of support for each other. Her blog is brand new, with the purpose of keeping us updated about her NF awareness and charitable crusades. Do hop over to give her some encouragement.

Over at yahoo is a campaign called the Blog for Hope, an effort to connect individuals in the fight against cancer. In a 30-day Blog for Hope event, celebrities and public figures share insights and personal stories of how cancer has affected their lives. Bloggers include Fran Drescher, Hillary Clinton, Deepak Chopra, Tom Green, and many others. Read the blogs and post your thoughts as we unite to raise awareness and bring an end to cancer.

There you go, the Carnival of Compassion!


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  2. nice job on the Carnival Yvonne!

    I love it

    interesting reading…

    congratulations Cary on your wedding anniversary! all the best

    everytime I read a Carnival I keep learning more and more about the interesting patient blogs out there…

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