My Very Own Million Dollar Homepage!

So you have heard of Alex Tew and his million dollar homepage. Now that he has succeeded, it’s my turn to pick up the baton. Well, actually, many others already have.

But it doesn’t hurt to follow the crowd, right? Besides, I really need the money, and there’s nothing to be ashamed of.

So if you’re not keen on buying my shirt, how about buying some pixels and placing your ad here? Introducing CASH FOR HOPE!


  1. In honesty, I don’t think a concept like this will work for you.

    1. There are too many people doing the same thing now and they’re doing it literally for cash gain where as you’re not.

    2. Personally, I think if you did this you’re looking for other people to pity you in aid of your goal to gather enough money for your operations. :|

    This concept shouldn’t be used by you who’s someone that has been recognized as a fighter with neurofibromatosis. I think there are better Cash For Hope campaigns that you could start.

    Just my honest thought and sorry if it hit the wrong nerve.

  2. Danny Well, I’m not a programmer, so I do whatever that can be easily installed. Oh, thanks for being honest. You’re only trying to be helpful. There are lots of other fundraising activities in planning already. Cash for Hope is just an ONLINE revenue. That’s all. =)

  3. Urm, i guess you need some marketing to let people know the existence of . My humble suggestion, probably you can reduce the price for a period of time till there’s some amount of people advertised on the website? But usd20 is ok tho. Will contact you soon for the ads.

  4. People have been talking about Tew and his successors. I’m not here to criticize, anyway, I would find it more impressing if you can combine your unique idea with the borrowed one. (I strongly believe you are able to make it)

    At the time of typing, I have this, instead of putting ads, why not leaving a kiss (or something) with different colour for each donator/buyer. Colour is unique and there are 2^24 of them available. And of course, the dimension of space is redirectable once it is clicked.

    Whatever. *shrug*

    Good luck Yvonne.

  5. Yuenqi U got me thinking there. Wanna discuss more? I’m really clueless now, since I’ve got so much up my sleeve.

    Eliza Yep, I’m exploring all possible revenues. A certain learning experience for me. *hug*

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