Leslie Cheung and Depression

My blog friend Grace Chan, wrote a heartfelt post about Leslie Cheung. Please give it a read HERE.

When I first wanted to become a Psychologist, many remarked that Psychology doesn’t pay, it’s worthless. If only they realize money is not everything in life. Those like Grace and Ow encourage me to make a difference in the lives of others. How can we only think of ourselves, when our fellow human beings are badly in need of help?

I sat for my Counseling Techniques exam paper this afternoon. Honest with you, I studied for this exam in the last minute. Sigmund Freud himself suffered from psychosomatic disorders, so not surprisingly, this father of psychoanalysis and pioneer in Psychology sought to study the repressed unconscious. Future therapies invented by his successors, such as Carl Rogers, focused more on the present, future and reality. With Gestalt Therapy and Analytical Psychology in the exception, most modern-day therapies are built on the cognitive behavioral model. Indirectly, they tell you how life should be, forcing you to adopt the ideal.

From Grace’s sharing, we understand that people with mental illness might never “snap out of it”. They are trapped. I know this because my childhood friend whose parents divorced when she was only a tiny girl, is stricken with Depression and Avoidant P.D. She used to call me up to outpour her fears and sadness. But as naive as I was, I tried to brainwash her about what is right and wrong. I regret so much. If only I knew more about Psychology then, I would not have acted self-righteous. Naturally, reading this made me very sad. Now my childhood friend is studying in Australia. I hope to get in touch with her soon. Depression might not go away for years even with therapy. It may even be fatal.

I miss my friend so much.


  1. Just to let you know: I think psychologists make more money than any other doctor. Anyone who tells you different needs to see one.

    They are also the most overworked. Good luck, Yvonne!

  2. Depression may not go away with years??
    But isn’t depression a result of the way we think?
    Its like saying ‘We did something we thought that I was wrong, and something tells me that I have to feel bad about it.’ and as a result depression kicks in….no??

  3. 3poin8: We are talking about Clinical Depression that is maladaptive. Regular depression may also lapse into full blown Clinical Depression if not careful. When a person becomes too depressed, it can get very bad, leading to a basket of other disorders.

  4. Nice Blog. I have been looking for blogs and such that I can relate to. I invite you to come to my blog and join me in my delightful spiral into death depression and nothing.
    Thanks for your time. Remain happy ?

  5. I have a very good book to introduce here for all the people suffering from depression or any other personality disorders. It is from Albert Ellis, the founder of REBT – Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy which is the very first cognitive model. The title of the book is “A guide to rational living”, i got it from Kinokuniya two weeks ago.
    I sincerely hope it will help as many people out there as possible because i know how bad depression is.

  6. Thank you for your thoughts. I was actually googling about mental depression. I just wanted to find out whether it is also genetically brought. Two of my uncle had suffered mental depression since they were in their early 20’s, sadly one of them decided to ended their life. Anyway, I wish you luck in your work.

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