Test of faith – RM80,000.00 in two weeks!

Dr. Lekovic and I in 2008My neurosurgeon Dr. Gregory Lekovic at HEI replied my e-mail. He’s the doctor who implanted this VP shunt. He is going on holiday from 23rd December and will be back from vacation on January 8th. Since there are two weeks between now and then, my friends and I will do our very best to raise the funds to have my surgery done in L.A. by the doctors most familiar with my medical history.

Even if I opt to do this surgery in Malaysia or anywhere else, I will have to raise funds anyway. I only have RM20,000.00 in hand. So since we are going to raise the remainder of the funds, we might as well raise it to have surgery with the experts.

I have asked Dr. Lekovic to let his assistants obtain a surgery price package from St. Vincent Medical Center. It probably will take a couple of days to a week. Since this is an emergency and we have little time to waste, I’ve gone ahead and estimated the surgery cost based on previous surgeries.

A shunt revision surgery only involves one neurosurgeon. Including hospital charges, the surgery should cost around RM100,000.00.

I need your help in this time of desperation. Please come forward with any help that you can think of. I still have more than a thousand copies of my book in English and Chinese. I also have a lot of t-shirts, especially in Baby-T size.

If you would like to help me in person and in any way you can think of, I am living in PJ Old Town. It’ll be good if you can help sell my things to your friends, family members and colleagues.

This is really going to be a test of our faith!

CT scan showing the trapped fluid


  1. Hello Yvonne. I’m Ryan. Still remember me? =) I heard you needed funds for surgery so i was thinking how i could help you. You are still selling your t-shirts and books right? I’m wondering where i could get them?

  2. Hello Ryan,

    Yes, of course I remember you. Your name is everywhere and you are one of Fang Yee’s gang!

    I have more than a thousand copies of my book to sell and a lot of t-shirts too. I live in PJ Old Town. You may come and get them from me at my house. It might be more convenient for me if you would come here instead of me bringing them to CA.

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