Knowing my purpose helps me to conserve energy

Dear readers,

Thank you for checking this blog of mine constantly for updates. I have not written here since my talk at MMU on July 13th because I have been conserving my mental and physical energy. I tend to prefer writing long, thoughtful pieces for my blog which taxes my energy by quite a lot. I tried something new recently using my Facebook fanpage to jot down shorter pieces. But after a few times, even those pieces turned out to be substantial compositions. It is as though I have a standard essay framework in my mind, and whatever I write follows this framework with a certain length and depth. So, I have to prioritize how I use my energy every day to avoid over-taxing myself.

As time went by, my life purpose became clearer and clearer to me, which was essential in choosing my priorities. Less than a year ago, I was less sure if the destiny I thought was mine will pan out, so I over-stretched myself by picking up one too many endeavors and commitments. But now, I am a hundred percent certain that my God-granted roles are in motivational speaking and leading a humanitarian foundation.

Motivational speaking is not as easy as it may seem. Whenever I give motivational talks, I expend a lot of energy in a short time. I utilize energy to speak from my conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind. Energy is also required to speak with my heart, throat, will power and so on. Since my motivational talks tend to be impactful, the audience’s response to me demands my energy too, so I have to be prepared. Hence, it is very important that I conserve my energy in order to carry out my role well.

But my writings are equally important and essential as my talks, so I will need to find a good balance between the two.

In September, I will be visiting Indonesia to attend a leadership camp followed by almost two days of leisure. I hope to use the two leisure days fruitfully.

In early October, I will be visiting a friend in Sandakan and will be giving a few talks while I am there.

At the end of October through November, I will be in the U.S. for medical treatments.

To give you a rough idea how energy taxing my life can be nowadays, I weigh only 40kg at the time of writing this post. In the first week of July, I weighed 39kg. It is not that I am under nourished – I don’t think so. Rather, I believe it is due to my work that requires more energy now than before, which means an increased metabolism rate. Every little thing I do uses a lot of energy. Mom is confused why I am still thin despite eating more.

By being sure of my life purpose and priority, I feel more at peace inside and know better how to consciously maintain this inner peace. Whenever I feel destabilized, I would evaluate myself and what was happening to understand the cause of the change or what affected me. Then, I will consciously deal with the cause. This is part of what we call maintaining our personal boundary. It is a conscious daily practice that gets better over time. Having and maintaining inner peace require diligence. It is an important skill that I should master before I can successfully lead a humanitarian foundation for the long haul, before I can do anything impactful at even larger scales.


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