Sponsor Needed For 12th March 2017 Videography

Hello Supporters, I will be giving a talk at the Federal Academy of Ballet (FAB), Seksyen 14 Petaling Jaya on 12th March 2017. I have found a videographer to record the whole talk, to be shared online afterwards for raising more awareness about Neurofibromatosis, my foundation and my work. 2 video cameras will be needed to capture the event nicely. The cost for this videography is RM2,000. It includes editing work as well.

Would anyone like to sponsor this cost for me? Otherwise, I will just be using money from my own pocket. If you would help me pay for it, then I can save my money for other needs especially my health care. If you are interested, please WhatsApp me at +60173629042.

As the sum is not big, 1 sponsor who can fund the cost fully would be sufficient. So anyone who can fund the whole RM2,000, please contact me. Please WhatsApp as I am deaf.

Thank you.