New Year, New Life, & New PA Needed

I hope everyone had a memorable Chinese New Year celebration recently! My CNY was slow as usual. As my parents aged, our family life grew more and more private. We only contact and meet up our relatives when there is a need to. My cousin and his family in Dubai visited us like they often did. My mother’s sister who lives in Cheras visited us too. My friend Vimala had dinner with my mother and I twice during CNY. As my body was still weak, the slow CNY celebration worked just fine for me. Anyway, CNY holidays now has become very short for everyone, so maybe, it was not a loss.

I have been occupied with many different medical appointments, running from hospital to hospital, as my doctors are scattered. Oh yes, a thirteen year old NF2 patient and her family, who got to know me recently, visited my mother and I this CNY. Breaking traditions, I visited my Malay-Muslim neurologist in Assunta on the 5th day of CNY, because I wanted to skip the crowd. My daily life has changed tremendously. I now live very slowly because, with no balance nerve, damaged vision, and no hearing, it becomes nauseous if I move at my usual speed. So to prevent nausea, I now live like a tortoise while my mind stays at it usual pace.

I am looking to hire a new part-time personal assistant. Because my current one has to leave by 1 March 2017 as her day job is becoming busier. Anyone who is in need of extra income, who is detailed and IT savvy? Please contact me. Salary is between RM400 to RM600 depending on how many times you can work here per week. Whatsapp me at +6 017-362 9042.