Yvonne's right clavicle juncture
Yvonne's right upper arm
Yvonne's right forearm
Above are 3 screens shots of an MRI done on my right arm in June 2017, showing the tumors inside of this arm that is affecting it. While raising funds for my next surgery, I would show supporters my right arms with the many tumors inside of it and they would express concern and perhaps surprised at the size of the bulge just by looking at them by the naked eye. I would also tell and show people what will happen to my arm if the next surgery is done inappropriately.
The MRI showed above give a clearer picture of the situation inside my arm that the naked eye can not see. The tumors arise out of nerves coverings. They are tightly attached to the nerves. The nerves, in turn, are attached to bones and muscles that move the arm, some of the tumors span multiple nerves and not just one nerve. NF tumors are also stickier and thus trickier to remove than tumors caused by other conditions.
Removing NF tumors requires a surgical team that is very used to removing NF tumors due to it’s unique texture and the trickiness of the locations that contain many different tissues (bones, nerves, muscles and other body mass).
Before I decided to have my surgery done in House Clinic, LA. I have stumbled upon local doctors in my daily life. At the sight of my arm tumors, they expressed worry and fear that my arm will become immobile and told me not to touch them or not to remove them. Their concern are valid, they have indeed seen other local patients who had similar surgeries before that resulted in their limbs becoming paralysed.
I appreciate their concern for my wellbeing and best interest. But I do have a very good neurosurgical team at House Clinic. To date, I had in total 20 neurosurgeries to preserve my life. Of these 20 surgeries, 10 were brain surgeries. Of these 10 surgeries, 7 of them were done at House Clinic with remarkable success.
For people who of the human brain, the House clinic had removed tumors from my brain’s jugular foramen, olfactory groove, optic nerve canal, lateral ventricle, corpus callosum, brain stem. I emerged from these surgeries as good as new, as independent as before. The success of the surgery is not dependent on the surgeon alone, there are many experts in the operating theatre and many technologies that are required to perform the surgery carefully and safely.
They may be cheaper options elsewhere but we do not know how good the team is and how good the facilities are. It would be a gamble for my livelihood. Returning to the House Clinic is my safest bet based on my past experiences there.
If I have to raise for surgery, I opt to spend the funds raised where there is a high chance for surgery success at a reasonable price. If you share my sentiments, please consider chipping in to the cause of my next surgery.

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If you are from overseas, you may contribute via this link https://fundrazr.com/savemyarm

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Yvonne Foong

As a child, Yvonne Foong dreamed of growing up to help others. To achieve her ambition, she began studying to become a psychologist. But things changed when tumours were discovered in her body at the age of sixteen. She was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis type 2 -- a genetic illness with no cure. Fighting for survival, Yvonne turned to fundraising and embarked on a medical odyssey to the United States. Her experiences since then have transformed her into a motivational speaker; inspiring hope, faith and strength. Yvonne is currently working to establish a humanitarian foundation that provides NF patients in Malaysia with financial and logistical support. Visit Works of Gratitude to learn more.

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